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Datamax Delivers Reliable Network Services to Our Clients
You probably don' t notice your computer systems network much - unless it' s down. And these days, if your network is down, your business is down. Datamax offers affordable maintenance plans that include planned service for your network, significantly reducing possibilities for unplanned outages. Our technicians can monitor your network, servers, workstations, and key points of failure such as network routers, hubs and switches, and other network electronics on a regular basis. You can rest with the assurance that all reasonable measures are being taken to prevent such disruptions as virus attacks, network intrusions, and other network security exposures.

Network Upgrades
We can upgrade existing computer networks for more capability and/or capacity. After study of your system and consultation with you, we will recommend and implement upgrades to your system based on what you need

Network Maintenance and Support
Regular scheduled maintenance and inspection of your systems to minimize down-time. System cleaning, inspection of backup systems, hardware testing and file defragmentation will help ensure that your network will continue to run. smoothly.

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